Kannywood’s trendy actress, Rahama Sadau, confesses her love for award-winning actor, Adam Zango, and how surprised she has been that things speedily changed after a stormy row between the both of them.

She opened this up in an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES .

PT: You have been accused by producers and even some of your colleagues of being a rude actress, are you truly rude? Rahama:

Rahama is not a rude girl. May be because I try to stand firm to my calls every time I am on set and only concentrate on what I am doing. Some of them will say I stay too reticent so they will call me a rude person. But to be frank with you, I am the most humble person you can think of. I only pay attention to my work and after that I whisk away quietly. This is just one of those things one experiences especially when climbing the ladder of success.

Many will misunderstand you, some will read negative meanings to your attitude, but to be frank with you, I am a cool, humble sweet girl.

PT: Your altercation with Adam Zango last year almost divided the industry in to two factions. What really happened?

Rahama: Hmmmmm, My fight with Adam Zango was a mistake if I may say. I really do not want to talk about it now and again but because you insist, let me just tell you that I could not control my temper when the whole thing started. I was very quick to write all those things I wrote on my Instagram page. Luckily enough I also was quick to write back announcing that I withdrew my comments and apologise to Adam Zango.

PT: What made you react that way?

Rahama: Please let us not talk about it again. It is now over and we are good.

PT: How do you relate with Adam Zango now?

Rahama: Adam Zango is my best friend on earth now. I have no any other friend in my life that is more than Adam Zango. All my other friends are after him. I think our fight made me to understand that many people misunderstood who Adam Zango really is. Let me tell you something, I have never met a person who is so humble, simple and very accommodating like Adam Zango. Adam Zango is one gentle man that once you understand who he is, you tend to trust him even with your secrets.

PT: Can you trust Adam Zango with your secrets?

Rahama: Yes I will. He is that humble and trustworthy.

PT: Do you regret your squabble with him? Rahama: To be sincere I really do and it will never happen again.

PT: Would you Marry Adam Zango if he proposes to you now?

Rahama: Hmmmmmmm (Laugh).

PT: You have started acting in the Nollywood. Are you likely to stop acting Hausa films anytime soon?

Rahama: No, I am a versatile actress, and I will surely do the two anytime.

PT: We used to know that you are also a member of the FKD records owned by Ali Nuhu, now you launched your own label ‘Sadau Pictures’, are you leaving the FKD?

Rahama: Not at all. FKD is like the hub and our root, FKD is home. I will never leave the FKD records. I just have mine just like how a mother will have a child. FKD is the mother.
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