Below are some of the best free video editing softwares for your android phones 2015. With these softwares you can cut,join,delete, insert and apply so many amazing effects to a video clip.

Note: these are not the only video editing softwares for android phones, there are many other apps..


FxGuru: Movie FX Director is a very
simple video editor that lets you create realistic and atmospheric effects, applying them to the real video using augmented reality. Car, bombs, aliens, missiles, rain falling – all popular models of Hollywood presented in their entirety. Search and download it from playstore..


With AndroVid Video editor you can cut and delete parts of your videos you are not interested, apply transitions to apply effects such as fades between different shots, or create display frames. You can trim, merge, split, transcode, add music, text, video frames, apply effects, make slideshow and share your videos. You can also convert your videos into mp3. Search and download from playstore.


This app is very easy to use. You can edit and beautify your video clips in just a few touches, allows you to share directly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and other social networks. To work, this app lets you adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation, lighting and many more aspects. Just record what you want to record, add your own soundtracks and apply various filters. Search and download it from playstore.