As the technological world develops, sending messages to different corners of the world becomes so simple in such a way that it is delivered in a matter of seconds after it’s been sent. Whatsapp is considered to be the best may be due to its widely usage by public. Some people were not even aware of any other platforms which provide same or more services whatsapp provides. One of those platforms is Telegram.


Telegram has some useful and amazing features which whatsapp lacks under the basis of which they are differentiated. Below are some of these features:

1. Telegram Allows You to Send All Kinds of Files

Unlike whatsapp which allows you to send only images in JPG, Audio and video, Telegram has additional features with which it surpass whatsapp in that it allows sending of almost all file formats. This includes , but not limited to Pdf files, Zip archives, Docx files and several other formats..

2. Account’s controll
Losing or having your phone stolen can be a real pain unless you have an app installed where you can wipe your phone clean. Whoever gains access to your phone will be able to see everything, and that includes your conversations. Telegram allows its users to delete their accounts on the web app and erase everything. With this option, there is no doubt that Telegram gives its users piece of mind when it comes to their information.

3. Username selection
With Telegram, your privacy is fully protected with the username selection option which will replaces your phone number so that only those you wish can have your phone number.

4. Group Chat sizes
whatsapp supports only 100 members per group, meaning that if you have more than 100 friends you want to have a chat conference then additional group creation is mandated. Telegram has taken care of that as it provides 1000 member slots per group.

5. Photo sharing
whatsapp only allows you to upload photos from your phone’s gallery. Besides direct photo upload from phone’s gallery, Telegram simplied the process by going to the extent of allowing users to upload direct from web, so that you don’t necessarily have to download any photo that impressed you before you can share it..

6. More admirable features of telegram
-Telegram can also let you know if someone has taken a screenshot of your conversation, so you can know which type of conversion to do with people.

-Telegram is absolutely free.

-Telegram has a better desktop app than whatsapp as it has great versions for Windows, Linux, and OS X. If you don’t feel like installing any software, you can simply access it from the Web or Chrome.

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