This was made known throught the twitter handle of Hassan Giggs who happens to be the director of that particular film. He was quoted saying “Get set HINDU will hit the market this
friday 27th of November 2015 don’t
miss the most awaiting epic”.

Hassan giggs described ‘Hindu’ as the most difficult film he had ever
made and the most expensive film in the
history of Kannywood, it was learnt that about 20Million naira wasa spent on it, right from building the village to fit the story over which the film was shot to the clothings used during the shooting excercise. ” I see it
(‘Hindu’ becoming a blockbuster.” said Giggs.

Some of the stars are : Adam a Zango, Jamila nagudu,fati washa,Tahir fagge,Hauwa Waraka, Bala So, Tijani asase and others..