Nowadays Storage become one of the great problem because of to much data.Everything become digital like our important documents, books and many more so now people need more storage space for their uses devices but how to increase their existing space this can be solved with the help of Memory Card but what we do if our data increasing day by day the memory card will become full.

There is a great software that will 1ncrease 1gig or 2gig memory card to 4gig

follow the steps bellow
1.Download the driver increaser memory HERE

2.Extract it and insert your Flash drive device, or Memory Card.

3.Run the Drive Increaser

4.Go to my computer

NOTE: Backup your files

5.Right click on your memory card or flash drive and goto properties.

6.After that, Change the name to any short name,

7.Type the name you changed the memory card or flash drive to into the driver increaser and press enter

8.Type the drive letter and press enter

9.Retype the drive letter again and press enter If it shows some texts in red color it has worked. but if it didn’t show retry again Your memory card or flash drive should be 3.99gb approximatly 4gb.