Have you ever experienced a situation whereby your phone got missing or stolen, containing in it some vital or private items which you may not like anybody other than you to see or to access? If you are among those who have tested the above condition, here is a tutorial brought to you by arewamobile on how you can easily erase/format and lock your phone when stolen.

-Google Account.
-Android Device(s).

Then Follow the steps outlined below:

Steps –
You must have logged in to your Android Devices as it is needed to use Google Apps like Google Playstore, Android Mail.

Please note the Google Email address and Password you used in Logging. Visit this link http://google.com/android/devicemanager

Log in with the Gmail you used in sign in to your Android Device.

Click Enable Lock and Erase and You are done.

You can now lock your phone and erase all the data at your will. A great way of protecting your privacy when you lost your phone.

Note: This will overwrite every security settings you have on your phones eg. Pin, Pattern etc. You can use it on the event you lost your phone and also in emergency case.