Morning, i know that many of you are aware of these megabytes free offer by mtn, only that you don’t have an idea on how to use it. Follow the instructions below and enjoy the free data…

– Your phone(android or symbian OS)
– Simple server (latest version, if else, then auto proxy is required)

Go to sms and send MUSIC to 5900 you would be given 150mb for free

Again, send b to 5900 30Mb will be added to your account

And lastly, send c to 5900 for 150mb but this on is @ N15

How can i utilise these megabytes ?

Create new APN on your phone using




Port–8080 Apn type-default

Leave the rest…then save as default setting

Simple server settings

Listen port : 8080

Proxy host :

Port : 8080

Injection line : press enter 3 times

Injection query :

Injection host :

Note : If you don’t have the latest version of the simple server app, then there may be a need for autoproxy



Port : 8080

Note that if you have the latest
simple android server then there is no need of using autoproxy

**invite your friends to