Good evening arewamobilers, as you all know that BVN is done only once at any of the banks operating in Nigeria, that is to say if you have verified your account with firstbank and at the same time you are having a GT or UBA account then you don’t have to go to GT again for verification what you only need to do is to take that BVN to other banks you are having accounts with.

This time around, GT bank has decided to make it even easier to link your BVN details registered from another bank to your GT Bank account by simply using the ATM. You no longer have to get into the bank and wait turns at the customer service queue in the bank. The steps are quite straight and simple as can be seen below.

Steps to Link Gt Bank account to BVN Using ATM

To link yourBank Verification Number
using any GTBank ATM nationwide, follow these steps.

-Go to any GTBank ATM stand

-Insert your GTBank ATM Card

-Select BVN link on the transaction menu screen Enter your 11-digit BVN

-Confirm your BVN details

-Submit your BVN

And that’s how easy it is to link your
BVN to your GTBank account using the ATM.