You already know that mtn 2go mb is only meant to power 2go app. But with some configs, you can make that data to power all apps using a special android software called tweakware vpn.Without wasting much of your time, below are the settings you need to implement into your tweakware app.

>>> Open the settings Disregard account settings
>>> Open Server setting
>>> use selected server and selected server as ip should be ticked
>>> Server port should be 8080
>>> Connections mode is tcp. Disregard VPN settings
>>> Network settings
>>> Tick connect via http
>>> Proxy host
>>> Port should be 8080
>>> Tick Enable proxy tweaks Open Proxy tweaks
>>> Do not tick reverse proxy
>>> Move down to injection full url and input
>>> Injection Host= Line break rn:4

Enable ur keep alive interval to 10 seconds