You are Facebook account user and if you have
multiple Facebook accounts, you can close one account by either deleting or deactivating one
account without affecting the other account.. Before
closing any of your accounts, to ensure you’re
Pages and data are in safe mode.


Step 1:
You want to delete Facebook account completely just
Log in to the account by entering your e-mail or phone number and password, and to download a
copy of your Facebook data access your Account
settings. This is not deleting your account, but the
deletion is permanent, it is recommended first to download all your data.

Step 2:
Form Facebook Help section access the account
deletion, or access from the link in the Resources
section. The form explanation is quite simple to understand of what the permanent account deletion
requires, and it will ask only you to confirm or cancel
your deletion request.

Step 3:

To run the deletion process click the Delete My Account option. Enter your password, then enter the CAPTCHA characters displayed and then click confirm.
After that it will show the warning message that your
account will be deleted within 14 days.