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Good evening loyal readers of arewamobile blog posts. Today i Deendabai have came with a long awaited and aspired method of airtime transfer between different networks(inter-network transfer). I was on my bed this evening when my attention was drawn towards the ringer sound of my phone. I was initially reluctant to reading what the message is all about upon checking what is on the screen, i found out that it is a message sent to my airtel simcard about a new system introduced by airtel nigeria.

Without too much story here is how it is:

=>Step 1: Dial *432#
=> Step 2: you” see a menu like this: ”Welcome to Me2U Airtime Transfer service: 1. Airtel to Airtel
2. Airtel to other network
3. PIN Change
4. Info
5. Help

choose option 2 above . You’ll be provided with 4 options:
2. Glo
4. Visafone

choose the network you want to transfer the credit to.

Note: N10 will be deducted from your account per each transfer.


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