mtn 2go 3gb , free 60MB
Good morning, did you know that MTN free 2GO mb still rocks wella.. A friend of mine Ahmad yusuf called me yesternight (around 12:15am) to inform me that he has just tweaked mtn 2go imei on two of his sim cards and was succesfully given 3gb for 2go and 60MB as well..
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For you to enjoy this offer too, use the imei below, putting in mind that you are to add any 2 digits and then analyze using imei analyzer or by using an online imei calculator so as to get a valid imei for the job:

866480019105 (add 2 digits and analyze)

tweak it on your android phone and send Mifi to 131

To use it
Open your simpleserver and change what you have to the following:

— Injection Query/URL:

— Inject host

Then goto your phone’s Access point Settings and add :-

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