Kannywood Has Lost Over 100 Million To Covid-19 -Maishadda

The world continue to be experiencing the effect of covid-19 pandemic as businesses have shut down and economies are in complete disarray.

The kannywood industry is among the industries that have been hit by new economic realities troubling the world at large.

The industry is directly and indirectly providing over 2 million jobs and everything have now come to a standstill as no shooting, no market to sell the films, no viewing as all the viewing centres are closed.

Abubakar Bashar Maishadda is a renowned producer in the kannywood and he talk about the effects of the pandemic in the industry.

Abubakar said the effects cannot be quantified since the lockdown was imposed especially in Abuja and Kano they have been devastating as activities are in complete shut down. The loss of 100 million naira is the least we can say.

The effects have been devastating as most people have no source of income apart from the industry. We are counting loss in millions of naira.

People are forced to stay at home and use what they already have. The pandemic have shown no signs of slowing down as people keep getting infected everyday.

Recall that the industry was in crisis before the pandemic and now the pandemic have added salt to its already existing wound.

Many prominent figures from the industry have made the same claim as Maishadda.

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