Some Celebrated But Failed Marriages In Kannywood

The kannywood industry have seen its beautiful actresses tied the knot with their loved ones over time. But not all of these marriages have been able to live to expectations. As some have crashed and packed up.

Below are three celebrated marriages that crashed in the industy.

Sadiya Gyale and Abubakar Muhammad

The actress was rumoured to in relationship with Kannywood actor Baballe Hayatu, she admitted that she never dated Baballe Hayatu, but was at the time in a deep relationship with a Kaduna-base lawyer, Barrister Abubakar Muhammad.
Sadiya, got married to the lawyer in question in a grand ceremony in Kano in 2015. He paid N50,000 as dowry and later organised elaborate receptions that lasted for four days, but the groom insisted that the wedding should not be publicize in the media. When the bride, out of excitement, posted their wedding pictures in social media, her husband was livid with rage. Since then he has refused to fix a date for her to join his other wives in Kaduna.

What he does was to sneak into Kano whenever he wishes to lodge in an expensive hotel which he will be with his bride and later vamoosed.
When he had enough of her, one day when he visited Kano as usual and gave her divorce letter as parting gift. The beautiful Kannywood actress is now a divorcee, reportedly heartbroken and disorganized.

Asma’u Sani

Unfortunately, Sadiya Gyale is not alone in this failed marriage episode, Asmau Sani was also sacked by her Abuja-based husband in the year 2015, on flimsy reason.
According to her, it was when she married her man that she discovered he is not living in Funtua, Katsina State, but Abuja and also that his wife is not one according to him, but two. Asmau noted that the guy thought she was rich, because of prominent roles she usually plays in Hausa films and the number of years she was in the industry.

When he married her and discovered that she was as poor as church rat, he dumped her in a rented apartment in Kano. No love, no care and no feeding but succeeded in impregnating her. They now have one issue.
When it reached a stage that she could no longer bear the pains and anguish, beautiful Asmau Sani reported the case to her parents, who promptly intervened, but instead of solving the logjam, the guy text Asmau, telling her the marriage was over.

Rukayya Dawayya and Adamu Temu

Reportedly, when the marriage of Kannywood producer and actress, Rukayya Dawayya crashed also in the year 2015, it shook the industry to its very foundation. Her wedding to Abuja-based land speculator, Adamu Temu, was the talk of Kannywood for years. The actress claimed Adamu divorced her via a text message. Their union is blessed with a baby boy.

Samira Ahmad and TY Shaaban

Samira Ahmed whose marriage to T.Y Shaban in the year 2014 took everybody by surprise.
They kept their relationship secret for years leaving people especially the media guessing. Finally, they wedded in a colourful ceremony in Kano the marriage is now blessed with one daughter, before it now packed up.

None of them is ready to say why the union crashed sources close to Blueprint said it is because Shabban is going out secretly with Samira Ahmed’s junior sister, same mother same father.

The league of Kannywood divorces is many which includes the likes of Rukayya Dawayya, Sadiya Gyale, Hauwa Musa Katanga, Aisha Abubakar, Makauniya, hadiza Kabara, Hauwa Waraka, Asmau Sai, Ladidi Fagge, Maryam Ctv, Hadiza Muhammed, fati Shuwa, Hajara Usman, Fati Muhammmed and host of others.

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