(Opinion) Arewa24 Were Wrong To Remove Safara’u Kwana Casain From The Show

(Opinion) Arewa24 Were Wrong To Remove Safara’u Kwana Casain From The Show

Sunday 4th October comes as with a big surprise to the fans and lovers of popular television series Kwana Casain as the season 4 of the series resumes after a three month break. What surprises and shocks viewers of the show was that Safara’u was removed and replaced with another face in the show.

Even before the series resumes rumours had it that she will be removed from the show and those rumours were found to be true when the show resumes as she was nowhere to be found.

The decision to remove her was based on the explicit video of her that was leaked on social media. In the video she was topless wearing no any clothes and all her sensitive parts were put on display. It was alleged that she recorded the video and sent to her boyfriend at the time.

That video resulted in a heavy backlash from many people who calls for her total removal from the show and Arewa24 succumbed to the pressure and removed her from the show.

Her childish act is condemnable so as the decision to remove her too. What Safara’u needs is support not to mount another pressure on her. The decision to remove her will surely harm her and hurt her severely.

It was a moment that Arewa24 should have shown their total support and continue to cast her in the show.

She was a victim of blackmail and extortion and what she deserves is support.

Again in my opinion the decision was very wrong and unacceptable.

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