5 Important Things To Note About NIN-SIM Card Linkage

5 Important Things To Note About NIN-SIM Card Linkage

Following the announcement by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) which directed all the telecommunication networks to block any user who failed to link his SIM card(s) with his national identity card using the 11 digit national identification number (NIN) within the stipulated time, in which many people have already linked their NIN up to their SIM cards.

What you should keep at the back of your mind after successful linking of your NIN to your SIM card is that, you should be aware of the fact that you are as clear as the nose on your face to the police and to the other security agencies, hence a proper care must be given to all your SIM cards.

When you neglected your BVN and or your ATM, it is your money that might get affected , but when you play with your phones and your SIM cards, you may end up putting your life in jeopardy. In this regard, there is a need to take an utmost care of your SIM card and as such, you need to take a look at the following points:

-One should not try to register a SIM card on someone’s behalf, because your name, address and all other information to fully identify you have to be linked to the card. This means any time he/she committed a crime using that SIM card, you will be the one to bear all the consequences. So don’t register a SIM for any body, ensure that he did it by himself.

-Be very careful and extra-vigilant on how you give people your phone to make calls or send text messages especially to strangers. It’s your mobile phone, your identity, so let it always be with you.

-Dare should you not allow anybody use your phone number in signing up for any account on any website, social media or any other online platform. You shouldn’t at all allow anyone to create anything using your phone number, it’s dangerous, and hence be warned.

-It is very important to note that at this moment, your SIM card is as important as your ATM card, your BVN, or your ATM pin or more than that in some instances.

-Lastly, you should not delay reporting to the police or related security agencies in case of phone theft or misplacement as this might be of service when someone tries to frame you up using your SIM card. This is because, you can be held responsible for whatever someone did with your SIM card, so be security conscious.

Thank you for taking your time to read these precautionary measures, and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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