ABU Zaria : Jallabiya Day And The MSSN Astonishing Involvement

By Abdullahi Malumfashi

On Fri 10th Feb an event tagged ‘jallabiya day’ was supposed to hold but wasn’t able to (due to some reasons which I’ll explain here). This event was organized by NASS(Nigerian association of science students ABU Zaria chapter like any other association with the intention of creating unity and harmony between the members.

The event which was supposed to be in two parts, the selfie session and then the proper event which shall feature shows and performances from artists in ABU and beyond, was cancelled at the dying minute, thanks to the influence of MSSN due to reasons which include disregard, disrespect and mockery of Muslim scholars who wear the attire. Before I proceed, I’ll like to define what jallabiya is. Jallabiya ( or thawb in countries such as Saudi Arabia) is a traditional piece of clothing mostly worn by men in the arabian countries Such as Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and even in Libya, Egypt somalia other northern African countries and also our country Nigeria. The term may also refer to the similar garments worn by women in other parts of the world(mostly referd to as after-dress around here).Contrary to most people perception, the attire is not Islamic but is only associated with Arabians and mostly worn in Muslim dominated countries. It is worn by Muslims and other faiths in these countries and is as Islamic as the kaftan and other traditional robes worn in the northern part of this country. So it really came to me as a surprise, that the event was cancelled because of MSSN. I first regarded the information as a hoax, but on proper investigation I confirmed it to be true. Naturally, I wasn’t suppose to respond, but as this wasn’t my first time speaking against the involvement of MSSN in the politics of studnets ( the first being my article on SRC politics) I was tempted to write this.

Regarding the citing of disregard for religious scholars as a reason for the cancellation might be one of the silliest reasons I would have heard for this. As I mentioned earlier, it is not an official dressing of Muslims! The scholars aren’t knowledgeable because they wear jallabiya. It’s just an attire for God sake! Besides, how many other people wear such other clothings and yet commit immoral acts and commit other sins? Have the MSSN tried to intervene in such cases, or ban such individuals from wearing such attires? Yet they deem it right to meddle into the affairs of another association. If to say they’ve sighted the dancing and music to be conducted as a reason, then it would have been a better one. But again, all other musical performances, cultural shows of such nature should be abolished too!

Even though I don’t expect the MSSN to reply to this(, even if they did I won’t respond further) but i hope this would reach them and they would take it in good heart. I’m not advocating for a secular environment, lest I be quoted of context but what am trying to advise them is that, they should limit their interference in students politics and focus more on making the ummah better again. As the most influential body in this institution, they shouldn’t take things further.

Abdullahi Malumfashi,
Bsc Microbiology,
Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

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