Adjust Your RAM To Increase The Speed Of Your Android Phone

Are you facing a slower performance problem while using your android phone? This was mostly as a result of small RAM size. You know, RAM(Random access memory) serves as the temporary store of data as it is processed, so all browsing,typing,playing games, videos and some other activities were all temporarily saved on the RAM as they are processed of which they are later moved on to the Read only Memory were they are therefore then stored permanently.

In this tutorial, you’ll be guided on how you can increase the size of that RAM so as to reduce that slower performance rate thereby increasing the speed of your android phone.

Before we go to the main work, you can free up the space of you RAM by uninstalling some of the useless or less important apps from your phone through the application manager located at the setting tab. You may at sometimes find out that the RAM space is not ok for your needs despite the removal of less importand apps, for this you are to follow the steps below:

– Terminal Emulator (download from playstore)
-Swapper for Root ( Download Swapper for root Here )


– Install and Open the Swapper for Root app you’ve downloaded .

-choose the swap size of your choice.

– Choose Swap File Dimension.

-And finally, enter amount of RAM you want to increase and Click on Save.

To check the amount of RAM so far increased, open the terminal emulator app and Type free and you are done. From then , you can see weather it has succesfully been increased or not.

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