Airtel hourly unlimited data plans

Good evening, this is a new Airtel time based unlimited data plan that is of 4 different categories and all with 1 day maximum validity period. The 1st category goes for 5minute @ N15, the 2nd category goes for 10minute for N30, the 3rd plan is 30min for N90 and finally the 4th package is the 1hour plan for N180.

How to subscribe to any of these newly launched Airtel time based unlimited plans?
To subscribe to any of these 4 Airtel time based unlimited data plans, simply dial the code *439# and then reply with the number that best suits you, after which you will be asked to reply with 1 to activate the plan.

Note that this is a legitimate data from Airtel, and it can be used on any device of choice without any other special settings. Remember that all the new Airtel time based plans have a one day validity period, meaning that any unused time left will expire in the next day.

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