Airtel’s Night Browsing Plan For Your Mobile Phones

Good day arewamobilers, it is our immense pleasure to present to you this great plan introduced by airtel Nigeria which is aimed at providing you guys with cheap and affordable data plan with which you can download quite a large number of files. With it, you can also browse the net uninterruptedly as you like..
writted by Deendabai, www.arewamobile.com

It is important to note that, this offer comes in a Night plan form which they categorized into to types; 1 hour unlimited and 2 hour unlimited all of which work from 11pm to 6am.

One more interresting feature of this plan was that a customer is charged at the rate of 11kb/s on all calls at the weekending days.

For someone to enjoy this unlimited hourly night browsing offer, he has to be on Airtel Trybe plan which you can migrate to as:

-By Dialing *312*1# to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE

-For the night plan data choose any of the below:

-For 1hr unlimited night, dial *312*3# costs N100.

-For the 2hr unlimited night, dial *312*4# to opt-in.
writted by Deendabai, www.arewamobile.com

Don’t forget that this trybe browsing saga is a Night plan meant to works only at the specified time(11pm to 6am)

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