at last: Whatsapp Voice Calling feature for iPhone Now Available

This is to bring the notice of those using iphone that an update of thier phone’s whatsapp has just been released that adds calling functionality over Whatsapp.

The update also brings in several other improvements. However the calling feature is not yet enabled for users yet or at least not for all users. Like on Android , they need to activate it from their end. So users who update their Whatsapp version to 2.12.1 will readily get whatsapp calling once they activate it. Whatsapp says that the feature will roll out slowly over the next several weeks.

Apart from the calling feature, they have now added the ability to share photos, videos and other links directly to Whatsapp from other applications. Now you can send multiple videos at once and even crop and rotate them before sending them over Whatsapp. There is a quick camera button in chats that will allow you to take a quick snap or access your recent photo or video directly. The update will also allow users to edit contacts from within Whatsapp.

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