How To Automatically Clear Up All Notifications On Your Android Phone

Are you finding it difficult to be clearing up notifications on your android phone at all the time? In today’s tutorial, we are going to unveil to you a new and automated method to use in performing all these actions, without having to even look at your notification panel..

The method is quite simple and straight , you just need a cool app that will allow you manage your notifications on your android. For implementation, just follow up the below steps.

Clear+ Auto Clear Notification App (download from playstore)

Features Of Clear+ Auto Clear Notification App

-Apps can be selected, whose notification alone needs to be auto cleared.

-Can set a time delay after which the notification needs to be cleared.

-Can be configured to ‘Clear/Not Clear the notifications’ in specific Time Frame.

-Can be configured to ‘Clear/Not Clear the notifications’ if the notification contains certain text.


-First of all you need to download and install the app Clear+ Auto Clear Notification.

After the installation, launch the application from where you will see the option to select the apps you want the app to be clearing any notification poped from them.

-On tapping on it you will see the list of the apps that send notification on your android notification panel.

-Search and select the apps whose notifications you want to auto clear on your android.

-Note that, you can edit the advanced
settings for the apps notification and
that according to your wish like clearance time of the notification and also the action perform for that notifications.

-Thats it you are done, now this app will automatically clear up all your android notifications from the selected apps that you have set in this app to clear up them. And it will continue to be clearing the notification depending on the interval set by you…

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