Best Android Free VPN Apps and Clients 2016

Smartphones turned out as the demanding gadget nowadays, you can’t keep your smartphone free for a while. The addiction to the android phones reached the next level which we can’t overcome at ease. The vigorous usage made the internet attacks as a added bonus, you need to play safe with your smartphone to stay away from them.

Here were the Virtual Private Network or Vpn comes into the picture. You need to have the certain VPN applications for android phone to play safe. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most secure and surefire way to maintain your privacy and security when you are online.

When it comes to privacy on a phone, you need to have the best android VPN apps to safeguard your identity over the internet. You need to take great care to hide your genuine identity from being hacked. Here were the best VPN apps for android phone comes into the picture.

The internet is turning as the professional medium for most of the online entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, a number of spammers are increased exponentially. You need to protect your confidential transactions online from these scams. Assume if you are on the public WiFi, then the chances are high that your data is get leaked.

-1. DroidVPN

DroidVPN is the ultimate solution for the Android VPN. DroidVPN is available in both free and premium versions. You can upgrade to the premium version for unlimited data whereas the in the free account you left with only 100 MB per day. You will get TCP, UPD, and ICMP protocols to make your internet more secure. Further, they do have the HTTP headers for TCP connections to unblock the blocked websites.

The user interface is clutter-free and easy to use. They have the bandwidth usage limit and speed in the notification area. Overall DroidVPN is the best VPN client for android.

Search and download it from playstore

-2. OpenVPN For Android

Open VPN is another great yet effective free VPN for android that what I recommend. It is a great way to get your internet identity and transactions safer. OpenVPN for android performs the task pretty well, all you need to do is android VPN settings (OpenVPN Servers) to get your work done. One thing which makes openVPN astonishing is it is completely free. If you have the OpenVPN servers you are ready to go.

Do remember you need to have the working openVPN configs to get connected. We’ve here a small tutorial about android VPN setup to get your servers.

How to use OpenVPN App On Android

In order to use VPN on android, do as mentioned below,

-Go to VPN Book.

-Download the OpenVPN servers their (Which are free to download)

-Then extract the server zip with RAR.

-Then open the OpenVPN app and import the files you have extracted.

-Once you’ve extracted, click on the servers to connect. (make sure your Data/WiFi is on)

-Enter the username and password
from Here.

If you have done as directed above,you’ll get the unlimited config for limitless usage for Android VPN. Like DroidVPN, you won’t seized for the limited bandwidth usage. If you looking for the best virtual private network for android, then OpenVPN is the way to go solution.

Search and download it from playstore

-3. ZPN Connect – FREE VPN Client For Android

ZPN is one more best VPN client for android which is worth mentioning here. ZPN is a premium service which
adds more gigs when you upgrade. Still you will get 10 GBs in free accounts which are a lot more for a normal guy.
ZPN is the clutter-free android app which doesn’t have any ads which make it best. Overall I can say it is the best One thing made me to mention the ZPN connect here because no other premium VPN app for android that provides usage limit as this. Overall I can say it is the best android VPN app.

Search and download it from playstore

4- VYPR VPN Client For Android 2016

VYPR VPN is another robust android VPN app which resolves all you problems regarding the internet security. It has the huge number of servers located all over the globe for better user satisfaction. It is worth for upgrading for the pro to unlock more data usage. You can get 500MB per month while you on the Free account.

Search and download it from playstore

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