Due to the big reputation of Android Operating
system makes it an easy target by criminals all over the globe. So it’s better to download a few of these best antivirus apps for Android device and keep on the safe side.

AntiVirus Security Free by AVG

AVG before has certainly one of the very popular free
PC or desktop antivirus software available. Their mobile application is exactly the same as AVG features through 70, 000, 000 customers up to now. It includes your standard features and some added
benefits to turn this into highly effective antivirus
application even better. You will get the standard malware and antivirus security. Together with that you will get web security, anti-theft utilizing Google Maps, task manager, along with a battery power check to help deal with your battery Obtain it on Google Play. It includes all the angles and a few angles the rest really don’t cover. Which makes it an excellent choice for mobile security.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

App by Lookout Mobile Security Look out anti virus app for android smartphone is among the best android anti-virus app for android. It helps to keep yours tablets and smartphones secure and safe. It is possible to run the application any moment and scan for virus. In addition, it offers several other features like backup, Anti theft this can help you if you lose your mobile or tablet, security and much more. Only defect can it be takes in more battery power.

Avast Mobile Security Antivirus App
Avast is undoubtedly an awesome security app
which has a best review that goes beyond the
standard anti-malware security and provides among
others an application manager, call and SMS filtering, a firewall as well as a network traffic monitor, It
comes with a Web shield that scans URLs for
malware. Obviously its anti-theft and firewall’s
most innovative options need your gadget to be
rooted. The Application is suitable for the all Android
mobile devices and Tablet.

360 Mobile Security

The main focus with 360 Mobile Security is strongly
on discovering and removing threats on your system. It comes with a very efficient, stylish design. It’s actually incredibly lightweight and portable, as well as it is absolutely free antivirus app for android. An ordinary real time scan we can easily protect
your gadget from malware, spyware, and the
security threat of infections. It’s actually also able
of finding and solving system vulnerabilities and
cleaning up idle background processes that can help
your mobile phone do much more effectively. There is a one more feature privacy advisor and a tool to
clear your mobile usage history. A common some more options you will find are phone call blocking feature, some quick way toggles, along with safe browsing protection. There is no anti-
theft protection or backup feature.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security
App by TrustGo Inc.

TrustGo is a free android application, the TrustGo
Antivirus & Mobile Security application defends Android gadgets from existing risks like malware
and virus, security threats, together with other risks
such as , identity, data theft, personal privacy. It finds
and removes all malware or virus hidden apps and viruses. This app also comes along with “Find My Phone” features, such as remote location and lock and alarm. It provides one more helpful feature called “Candid Camera” thief ID. As soon as users have the application installed, they’re able to secure their gadget. So when it grabs anyone entering the incorrect password more than thrice. it’ll capture their reputation making use of your device or smartphone’s front camera as well as e-mail it to you. In addition, it provides protection while
browsing the web. Most of the options of this app
include Security Scanner and Secure App Search, Secure Web Browsing for your android device.

Dr. Web Antivirus Light

The brand itself states that how exclusively
developed for Android mobiles and Tablets. It helps
to protect your mobile from viruses, malware and
spyware. The app will not have an impact on the
android operating system overall performance, and
doesn’t lower the battery life. It helps to keep your mobile phone safe when browsing as well as offers
more features like call blocking, backup, Anti-theft
and much more.

VIRUSfighter Antivirus Free App by SPAMfighter Apps

Comparable to its brand name, VIRUSfighter Antivirus
application for Android gadgets states to secure your
Android smart phone or device from viruses threats.
The app tests installed applications, files and new
installs for malware. The Free version with the
application has options like standard updates for security towards threats, on demand scanning and
scheduled scanning.

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