Best free Voice Translating Apps For Android Phones

Below are some the best voice translating applications for your android phone which could all be found on google playstore

1. iTranslate Voice
This is indeed a great android application for translation. You don’t have to type anything, all you have to do is to speak all you wanted to say and choose the language to which you want to translate your speech in which the app will transform it to text upon recognition. It is endowed with over 80 languages.

You can share all you’ve translated to Facebook, email, twitter, sms etc.
search and download it from playstore

2. Google translate
Google translate is a free software capable of translating to upto 80 languages. It is able of translating speech,text,handwritten characters or from pictures using OCR. Take a picture of sign board or any written document and ‘Google Translate’ translates it for you.
search and download it from playstore

3. Translate Voice
Despite the fact that this application requires data connection for it to work, it still has some vital features as far as translation is concern, for this application has the capacity to translate sentences in upto 40 languages.
search and download it from playstore

I hope with the above applications, your language barrier problem can almost be solved or greatly reduced. Share this post with your love ones..

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