Browse And Download Unlimitedly For Free With Etisalat

Good morning arewamobile blog readers, here is another VPN software with which you can use to surf the net without having to pay a dim..

SYPONSHIELD app, which is almost similar to the familiared psiphon handler is what we are going to make use of today in powering all our apps to connect to the net for free..

Download sypon shield app here or here

One important thing with syponshield is that, it takes a little bit longer time without any sign of disconnection, unlike psiphon which loses connection in a matter of some few minutes…


configure your phone as:

Name: etisalat free

APN: etisalat

APN Type: default

Proxy: whatsapp.com

Port: 80

Leave the rest fields empty, save and activate this as your default setting…

Then open the syponshield app you’ve downloaded and configure it as:

Remove proxy – Tick it.

Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy

Proxy Server: www.instagram.com

Real proxy type: inject

Real proxy server:

Real proxy port : just type 3128

SAVE it and tab on tunnel whole device. A message will pop up, accept it and continue..

Choose USA as your region.

Locate and tap on setting, from their, you make the following configs:

Tick connect through an HTTP

tick use the following settings

Host address:

Port: 3128

After all the above setup, then go to the app main menu and tap on connect

Wait for it to connect.. Note:, it may take upto 10 minutes for it to connect….

Credits to WIZYTECHS for sharing the IP first…

  1. Bnahmad says

    Wallahi Its working fine….

    Thanks Deendabai….

    1. Deendabai says

      9ce…. Share it with your friendz…

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