How To Compress An Audio File Without Loosing Quality

Good morning arewamobile blog readers. It has been long that we post an article on arewamobile, this was as a result of some life obstacles we’ve come accross in the recent day, but to God the almighty be the glory as everything is now reading back to normal.

Do you have any audio file you are probably willing to share with your friends on social platforms as whatsapp, facebook, google allo, telegram and soon but you are finding it difficult purposely due to the whooping data to be deducted from your account in the process. Though the data to be deducted should not be the priority but the network situation we have in the country, meaning that it will take a long time to process and probability is that it might fail at the near accomplishment….

Without long grammar full of errors, here is an android application to compress/resize an audio file to size lighter than the original with undetectable quality loss.

Dpocket mp3 converter is the excellent audio converting app we are using which needs no any configuration after its installation into your phone. This app uses ffmpeg ( Fast Forward Moving Pictures Expert Group ) for transcoding without a command line. FFmpeg allows you to change the sample and the bitrate of any track. By default, converted files will be stored on your SDcard in the ‘dPocket’ folder. It is capable of doing the following:

-wav to mp3
-ogg to mp3
-flac to mp3

To get this application simply head to playstore and search for “dpocket mp3 converter” or you simply click on this link to get it downloaded unto your phone.

After the download, you install and lauch the application . To add the music/audio file you want to compress, simply tap on Media from where you wud be taken to files directories, so you choose the music file.

You can also tap the Audio tab so that you jump directly into your phone’s music player which habours all your audio files. See the screenshots…

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