I, ANAS ALIYU JOBE A.K.A ANASJOBE A student of 300 level, faculty of Education, ABU zaria,with a special pleasure,honour and a deep sense of humility hereby declared my interest to contest for the position of PRESIDENT of our dear association in the forthcoming election.

Let me start by expressing my profound gratitude and appreciation to anyone that spared his time to go through my declaration write-up.This does not only demonstrate your individual commitments to our association,but also the value you attach to my relationship with you and also the relationship between you and the association.

I do not run for PRESIDENT merely to oppose anyone but to propose new policies.I run because it is now unmistakably clear that we can change this divisive policies,Each of us has seen our association from a number of view points,depending on what our past comrades have done. From my viewpoint, NAKATSS is a living,a breathing presence and unimpressed by what others say is impossible.

I am not trying to highlight any,but to enable us reflect on the past and where we are going,which demonstrate clearly that we have all in one way or the other shared the joy and pain,good, bad and ugly names on the path of uplifting the status of NAKATSS and preserving it’s heritage.

I believe this is not for anything else,rather than the love and good intention all of us have for our dear association by using different approaches.This is however the beauty of democracy.Therefore lets be resilient and selfless in promoting and protecting the principles and values of NAKATSS as some of us have been doing over the years.

My decision reflect no personal animosity or disrespect towards any serving exco.It is a profound differences over where we are heading and what we want to accomplish,reaching for what is possible and building a more perfect NAKATSS.

That is what ABRAHAM LINCOLN understood.He had his doubts,he had his defeats and he had his setbacks.But through his will and his words,he moved a nation.

It is worthy to note that in every circumstances,weakness and threats have the potential to make NAKATSS N.B even stronger if strategically addressed.If other associations have been able to overcome similar or even tougher challenges,i see no reason why we cant sail through ours as well,with hard work and a collective will to do so.

With a legacy of commitment to service,i will endeavour to lead to the best i can to overcome any critical challenges when you accord me the honour and opportunity to serve you as a PRESIDENT.

I served in different capacity of leadership, locally and nationally, I lead so many developmental project, and iam very sure I offer all my services deligently, Iam a current serving exco in my own chapter.

I was never found in any financial misconduct,I have a lot of leadership passion for KATSINAWAN DIKKO.

This approach,to me,will help reorient our minds in redirecting our energies towards restoring dignity and public trust to NAKATSS N.B.Then,unity and collective sense of purpose will follow.

Lastly,i pledge to build upon the foundation already laid by our predecessors over the years ESPECIALLY OUR RECENT PASSED LEADERS LIKE COMR. DABAI, COMR. MASKA, COMR. YASIR AL-BASHIR. TO MENTIONED BUT FEW,strengthen the weak pillars and fill the cracks in the process in which the current administration have started.By doing so,it is my firm conviction that NAKATSS N.B will continue to rise and shine,to the delight of each and every one of us.May God bless and guide us on that path.I thank you for your time and keen attention and I promised if given this mandate I will make sure I render my sacrificial service in accordance with NAKATSS constitution.

Thank you very much
Campaign team



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