Corruption:the sad tale of Nigerian students politics.


Corruption,as defined by wikipedia refers to as any form of unethical or dishonest conduct usually by a person trusted with position of authorithy to acquire personal benefit.Unfortunately,for someone living in nigeria,corruption is not a new term as it is not restricted to those in position of power.Corruption has crept into almost(if not all) every instuition of the nigerian sector,from the top government official to the common man on the streets.One may wonder why this is so.Well corruption has been existing right from the First republic during the time of prime minister Tafawa Balewa(though at it’s minimal stage) to the period of the civil war in which it has skyrooted.Even the short-Lived regime of Murtala Was’nt rid of corruption too.The transition period of Obasanjo and the time of Shagari witnessed huge deal of corruption.The abolished brief 3rd republic was’nt left behind too,and the military dictartorship of Abacha witnessed huge amount of corruption and human rights.The democratic governments of Obasanjo,Yaradua and Jonathan also witnessed a great deal of coruuption.The present government of GMB too is not completely rid of coruption,but with GMB’S staunch anti graft war and zero tolerance against corruption, we hope corruption would be a thing of the past.

During all these periods,students were not left behind too in terms of corruption.The National associations,Student’s union government,faculty and departmental level associations are highly laden with corrupt officials and executives.Due to the existing atmosphere of corruption,many students venture into student’s politics notwith the notion of bringing about positive change,to alleivate the problems or improve the welfare of those who voted for them(or nominated them) but rather with the sole intention of benefiting theirselves.I’m not saying all officials are corrupt, even though considerably large chunk of them are corrupt but there are few who are really intrested in serving not to be served.
I don’t believe the word’s of a current embattled senator,when he said student’s associations are the most corrupt institutions in the whole country,but i do believe that corruption if left unchecked in student’s associations could become even a greater national level disaster.Most of all these corrupt leaders started out as student’s,and first became exposed to the idea of corruption when they were students.Whenever we talk about corruption in the public sector it is disturbing because we are talking about our present sitiuation here,but it is even more disturbing when its found in student’s politics because our future and that of our kids is at stake here.Even if our presnt situation is nothing to write home about,but when our future is brght there’s a beacon of hope.I dont want to think about what will happen when our future is bleak,and the future of our children is at stake.Isnt it disturbing to think that one day some of this corrupt students official may one day emerge to be the leaders of this country?
Corruption in every aspect is menacing,but i think it is more hazardous in student’s life because that’s where the notion of corruption first come into leaders minds.Apart from corruption in daily life activities as demonstrated by the common man on the streets,the most dangerous form of corruption emanates from educated individuals,in other words students.I therefore suggest that the government should take long term measures in curbing out corruption and securing our future.Taking stringent measures against corrupt student officials,and introducing a general studies course against corruption might be effective.Apart from that,the greatest part may be played by other students.Fearless zealous students who would stand up against corrupt officials,Trusthworthy and able students who would fill all associations positions.I therefore urge all my fellow students and the general public to not only shun all acts of corruption,but also to stand up against all corrupt officials.As aptly said by PMB:”If Nigeria does not kill corruption,coruption will kill nigeria.”I believe this to be true, so let us all kill corruption before it cripples us.Long live the Fedral Republic of Nigeria,May God bless us and all our Instuitions.
Abdullahi Malumfashi is a student of Microbiology , Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria.
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