Download Firefox Lite 2.0 For Android [Launched With New Features]

Mozilla Taiwan’s Firefox Lite previously Firefox Rocket, then Lite, then Rocket again is pleasingly snappy to use, with a focus on light browsing and privacy.

The Chromium-based app blocks ads and trackers by default, allowing for lightning-fast browsing under the decreased bandwidth. After having its name changed four times, Firefox Lite has been updated to version 2.0.

Lite’s new update comes with some fun and handy features, my personal favorite of which is built-in, full-page screenshots. On the home page you’ll have access to a number of games (fun) as well as a very pared-down news page (handy). Both pages load quickly and the games launch right away within the browser. Also on the homepage is a search bar specifically for comparing product pricing, which may come in especially handy considering the upcoming holidays.

Firefox Lite does have a few minor shopping-related features region-locked to Asia, but in all the 2.0 update is worth checking out if you’re mindful of your privacy and are on the prowl for a light, airy browser.

Firefox Lite is officially available on Google Play in Indonesia, Philippines, India, China and Thailand, although you can download and install it without problems in other regions through its APK from sites from
APKMirror. If you prefer not to install apps from outside Google Play. Firefox Focus is a similar browser, although it does not have additional content such as mini-games.

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