How To Download Unlimited Apps With Just 3MB On MTN

Good morning, i am unveiling to you a simple trick you can use to download as many apps as you wish at the expense of 3mb of MTN data only.

You may encounter a situation whereby an urgent need to make use of a certain application for a purpose that might be an urgent one arises, and you happened to at that juncture be having a lesser data to accomplish that your sudden task, and some other similar issues, then you need to read this post to end.

It should however be noted that this trick i am about to share With is not meant for early and heavy sleepers, so one has to stay awake to enjoy this gratis chance..

I don’t have to waste much of your precious time talking without taking you direct to the point, for that i am skipping all unnecessary noise, therefore adhere to the procures below:

-Visit the site you wanted to download apps from at 11:30pm and then hold on without initiating the download, once it is 12:30 you just begin the download..

Some of the websites you could get android apps for free are listed below:

Note that:

-You must be having a minimum of 3MB in your phone prior to the initiation of the download process

-The website has to be opened by you at 11:30pm and the tab has to remain live, so a phone with fully charged battery is recommended…..

That is all about downloading apps with lesser megabytes of data….

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