Enjoy 1GB Of Data For Just N200 On MTN

MTN Nigeria has announced a new plan called MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle. The plan is designed for Instagram users, offering 1GB for N200 and 250MB for N100. The Pulse InstaBinge bundle offers a large volume of data for users to share photo and video in Instagram. The plan is exclusive to Pulse users, and customers can easily migrate to Pulse by dialing *406*1#.

This post will show you, what MTN InstaBinge bundle is, how to activate it and also how to check the account balance. It is important to note that just like other MTN plans, the new MTN InstaBinge bundle also comes with option for auto-renewal. You can either choose to auto-renewal or cancel your auto-renewal option.

How To Activate or Subscribe to MTN Pulse InstaBinge Bundle Plan

Like I method above, for you to enjoy this offer, you need to be on the MTN Pulse plan. To migrate, simply dial *406*1#, and you will be on MTN Pusle plan. Migrating to InstaBinge Bundle Plan, can either be done through USSD or via SMS. For the USSD option, dial *406*5# and then choose any of your preferred data offers. You can choose 1 for Instagram 250MB for N100 or choose 2 for 1GB for N200 data plan.

To activate or subscribe via SMS, first you need to migrate to MTN Pulse plan by sending 406 to 131 via SMS. After that, text the word ‘INSTD1’ to 131 for InstaBinge Lite (250MB for N100 plan) and ‘INSTD2’ to 131 for InstaBinge Heavy (1GB for N200 plan).

How To Check MTN Pulse InstaBinge Balance?


You can check your MTN InstaBinge bundle balance, using two methods. First, you can either dial *559*39# and your account balance will display on your screen, or simply dial *406*5#, and then tap on 3 (Check balance) and your account details will display on your screen.


How To Auto-renewal MTN Pulse InstaBinge Bundle 


To activate Auto-renewal option on MTN Pulse InstaBinge Bundle, dial *406*5#, choose any of your preferred plan and then choose 2 (Opt-in for Auto renewal). Tap on 1, Proceed and it will be activated automatically.

How To Cancel MTN InstaBinge Bundle Auto-Renewal?


To cancel the MTN InstaBinge Bundle Auto-Renewal on your phone, simply dial Dial *406*5# choose any bundle of your choice and then choose 3 (Cancel Auto renewal). Now tap on 1, Proceed, and it will be canceled automatically.



MTN InstaBinge Bundle Validity Periods


All MTN InstaBinge bundle plan is valid for just 24 hours (1 day).

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