Enjoy Glo Free Browsing On Your Android Phone


Good evening, it has been long that a glo free browsing is cracked perhaps due to a measure taken by their team to ensure that no any hole is licking in their server…

This topic was posted by umar farouq of ufarblog.com were he mentioned the steps and applications required for this task. Without long story, read the steps below as posted on ufar blog:

First of all you need to do is to download and install Psiphon on your android device, then open it and set the configurations as shown below :

=>Then open the Psiphon you installed on your device and configure it as shown in the image below

=>On Mobile Settings use Glo default internet settings

If you don’t have Psiphon handler on your device click Here to download any type you want from our download page now

More Options Settigns

Then click start and wait for few seconds for your psiphon to show connected and you are good to go.

Enjoy it while it last

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