Enjoy MTN 1GB For N100 Valid For 1 Month

Good evening arewamobile blog readers, MTN unveiled another low budget data plan which offers 1GB to a customer at the rate of N100, which has a validity period of one month and can be use to power any data requiring application on the user’s device.

One should put at the back of his mind that this data offer is not for every MTN subscriber to enjoy, in the sense that it selects SIM independent of its years of activity. This is to say that the offer can be rocked by a subscriber with a new SIM card as well as that with old SIM card. That means whether you’re using a new or old SIM, you might or might not get the offer.

To check eligible for this data offer, simply dial *131*100# (prior to recharging the SIM with airtime). If you get a response telling you that you do not have sufficient balance to buy this offer, then you’re in luck and good to go as your MTN line is eligible for the offer.

However, if your SIM is not eligible for the offer, you will get a response as well as a text message saying “You’re not eligible for this offer”. You might need to get another MTN SIM and try again.

To activate the MTN 1GB offer after checking the eligibility, simply recharge your MTN line with N100, and subsequently dial *131*100#, follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe for the 1GB, and that’s all.

For those whose respective SIM cards are ineligible for this offer, refer to our recently published blog post HOW TO GET 2GB FOR FREE ON MTN

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