Facebook Reported to be Testing Dialer and Caller ID Android App ‘Phone’

Facebook is said to be working on a new app called Phone, which will show users information about who is calling and come with other features like automatic blocking of calls from numbers blocked by the community.

According to a report by Android Police, some users got a notice to try the new Phone app, but received a page not found error when they tried to complete the download. As a result, there’s very little known about the app, apart from the text that appeared on the screen. “Phone is a new app that shows you info about who is calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers,” the description of the app read. It seems from the description that the app could be a replacement for the dialer app that comes with your Android phone.

It is worth noting that Facebook already introduced the calling feature in its Messenger
app. Facebook has been lately working a lot on bringing more features to its mobile users. The firm last week announced a system to send money to friends for US customers using its Messenger app, something which was tipped in October last year.

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