FB: How To Accept Or Reject All Facebook Friends Requests With A Single Click


Good evening arewamobile blog readers, are you of that lazy behaviour of accumulating too much friend request and find it a little bit difficult to accept those friends at the end?

In this clear and concise tutorial i am going to show you how you can do that with just a single click. Just follow the procedures to be outlined below:

-Firstly, You need to download Chrome Toolkit from Google chrome store.

-Click on Add To Chrome and install it on your Google chrome browser.

-Now wait for few seconds while the extension is being installed on your Google Chrome browser. And once installed you can see the extension “PST” added on your Google chrome.

-Now you can see lots of option on the Toolkit extension. If you want to accept or reject all the facebook request at one click then simply log in with your facebook account.

-Now open your pending friend requests and click on “See All” from where you will see the option to respond your friend requests. Simply click on Toolkit Extension and then select the option of “Accept/Reject All friend Request at once”

-Now you will see the small box appears on the right side of your screen which will give you the option of “Accept all” and “Reject All” choose your desired action.

With the above info, you can accept or reject all facebook friend requests on your timeline with just a single click…

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