FUNYUD Chairman to Governor Masari: Why We Still Need University in Funtua Zone

Funtua Youth United for Development (FUNYUD) chairman, Comrade Yusuf Saddam Saleh writes:
This has been the long waiting dream for Funtua senatorial district citizens. Many calls were made to the Katsina state government and stakeholders ordinarily by individuals, associations as well as stakeholders but the calls were/are always not entertained. At this juncture, am still not to the ground but to lay my golden pen and call the kindness attention of Katsina state government especially the benevolent Governor who always answered the call of katsinan’s in general without remoteness.

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Looking at the distributions of tertiary institutions across the three senatorial zones of the state, one would definitely ask “are we not sons of Katsina?” Funtua citizens must feel the sense of being in seclusion.
Let’s just look at the distribution and find out whether justice has been done in it.


In Katsina Senatorial zone there are several tertiary institutions. These are:
1. Al-Qalam University, Katsina located at Tafawa Balewa Way, Dustin-Ma Road, Kastina, Kastina Nigeria.
2. National Open University Of Nigeria (Katsina), NOUN Study Centre, After Katsina State House of Asssembly, Kaita Road, Kastina
3. Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina,
4. Federal University Dutsinma
5. Hassan Usman Polytechnic Katsina
6. Federal College of Education Katsina
7. School of Nursing Katsina and
8. Isa Kaita College of Education Dutsinma
9. Katsina State Institute of Technology & Mgt. Kano Road, Katsina, Katsina State Nigeria


In Daura senatorial zone there are three tertiary institutions which are as follows:
1. Yusuf Bala Usman College of Legal and General Studies Daura
2. School of Health Technology Daura and
3. School of Health Technology in Kankia Local Government.


In Funtua Senatorial District there are:
1. School of Midwifery in Malumfashi, which awards a certificate in midwifery only
2. College of Administration Funtua (CAF) which awards junior squad certificate in administration.
I know some of you would definitely criticize me of not mentioning SBRS, then I shall ask you too “what type of certificate SBRS Funtua awards?”
Thanks to the almighty Allah, now we have one private college of education by one jingoistic citizens of Funtua and diploma awarding certificate by JIBWIS.

Funtua is the second largest zone after Katsina with a total number of population of more than two million plus (2,199,200) people as projected in the year 2011.

Looking at nearby and other states of federation where code of righteousness and impartiality is observed in allocation of educational institutions, one could conclude by saying that two zones have being in isolation especially Funtua zone


Every reasonable person would ask the above question, the answer to it is as follows:

1. Creation of job opportunities:

The establishment of the presumed University will help in providing job opportunities to different category of people.
a) Graduates: Graduates of Funtua and other katsinans could get the opportunity to be employed as lecturers, librarians, and much more job available within the University.
b) Non Graduates and other Graduates category: This category could be employed as security personnel, gardeners and sweepers.
c) Establishment of companies: companies could also be established due to presence of presumed University with different laboratories for research purposes.
d) Specialized teaching hospital just like that of Zaria, which would benefit both students, citizens and also could serve as a source of income to the government.
e) Establishment of mini market within the campus for students: This would increase the rate of production and in return higher income is expected.

2. Total eradication of hoodlums and political thugs:

The establishment of the presumed university would bring about 90 – 100% eradication of gangsters and political thugs as many were forced and turned to be what they are because of lack of education or means to study outside their locality as they could not afford financial expenses, not that they could not afford to pay school fees but feeding and other expenses are the major problems, however the presumed sited institution in their locality could chances them to go and labor at the same time attend their studies.

3. 90 – 100% Enrolment of females:

Many ladies that are not allowed to study out due to traditional custom and oddity could get 90 – 100% opportunity to enroll into the program and bright females’ future is made.
By the year 2030 if such is implemented, not only Funtua but Katsina at large would become one of the major educational centers in Nigeria.

4. Evolution of settlements:

The geographical setting of Funtua is geographically closely related to that of Zaria in term of climatic weather condition, the temperature difference between Funtua and that of Zaria is usually always 1oC plus or minus. Therefore, the establishment of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria brought about the evolution of Samaru, Sabon-Gari in general, and much more places around Zaria area. Comparing the favorable atmospheric weather condition of Funtua with Zaria, the establishment of University in Funtua, would make it to experience rapid evolution of settlements which would increase the revenue of not only Funtua but Katsina at large.

5. Absorption of immigrant to Funtua:

Due to its suitable location with good transport network that links many places such Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi and Niger republic to its Northern part, Zaria, Kaduna, Jos and much more to its southern part, Kano, Katsina, Daura, Niger Republic to its eastern part, Dandume, Niger and Lagos to its extreme west. This accessibility and the presumed University could help immigrant and passers bye to dwell

6. Diffusion of fashion and ideas:

As people move from one location to another, they disseminate information such as new ideas and fashion, as such they would come with new skills which would be benefited by the citizens of the locality and vice versa.
I pray and hope that with these little pinpointed points, this justified defensible Government of Governor Aminu Bello Masari will surely tabletop the issue and find a appropriate elucidation to liberate Funtua senatorial zone with either establishment of new university or moving one of the universities of Katsina zone to Funtua zone.

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