Get 1gb for free on your airtel SIM Card


Good evening, i came accross this post on wizytechs blog on which i found a need to paste it here for you guys.This free 1GB offer is new and it has it’s advantages and disadvantages.


=> It is totally free without need of loading any card

=> The data works on all devices with internet capability

=> It doesn’t require any VPN app to
power it

=> It is simple and easy to get

=> You loose nothing at the end

=> It is fast


=> It only works at night

=> It only works on weekends (Saturday & Sundays)

=> It might not work on every Airtel SIM card

How To Get Free Airtel 1GB Data

=> Make sure you don’t have any credit on your phone.

=> Then dail *475# two times to purchase the data free of charge

=> You will receive a confirmation Message for the data via SMS

=> The data given to you is usable only at 12am on Saturdays till Sunday 11:59 am.

Source: wizytechs

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