Get 8GB Free Data Offer On Your MTN Line

Good afternoon, this is the latest free Gigabytes of data offered by mtn Nigeria. All you have to do is to tweak your phone’s imei to any of the imei below. But before then you are to add any 4 digits to make it 14 digits and then and then analyze it using imei analyzer or via: to get the remain 1 digit making it 15 put together.

1. 3559450668 (add any 4 digits and analyze)

2. 3571630651 (add any 4 digits and analyze)

3. 3571630651 (add any 4 digits and analyze)

-After successful tweaking, then send Nokia to 131

Note: Never give up, if you didn’t get it at first instance, add 4 different digits and analyze new imei again… It was tested and comfirmed working…

– Someone may ask, How can i tweak my phone’s imei?. Cool down your mind as i’ll guide you on how to tweak imei of mtk or non mtk android device.

For mtk device users

Download mtk engineering mode or mobileuncle tool from google playstore or simply dial
and tap on engineering mode then to mtk engineering and swipe to the left under connectivity and tap CDS information

– A new page will open, locate
Radio Information
and tap on it from where you’ll therefore then be taken to a page showing you phone 1 and phone 2 (if you are using 2 SIM phone), then select the phone on which your MTN Sim is located. I.e Sim1 or Sim 2.

– A new page will open, containing a writing box, type any number there from which you’ll see three options, Tap on the first option AT+EGMR=1,7,”” if your MTN SIM is on phone 1 or the second option AT+EGMR=1,10,”” if your MTN SIM is on phone 2.

-Tap inside the two quotes ( “” ) and type the imei you’ve generated. Drag your writing cursor to the front of AT i.e Between AT and + sign and tap on the space key once, and then tap on Send AT Command you will receive a successful message that the AT command is sent.

-Exit the Mtk engineering and turn your phone to flight mode, and then turn it back to Normal mode… Then send Nokia to 131. If you get an error message, generate new imei and follow the steps above..

For non- mtk users


1-King root device (download it from playstore)

2-Xpose imei changer apk (search for it on google or playstore)

3-Xpose install apk (search on google or playstore)


– Open then kingroot and root your phone using it, make sure to to turn on your data before you open the kingroot app. After successful root, then head to the next step..

-Open the xpose install and tap on frame , then click on install and update. After that, restart your phone. Open the xpose installer again and tap on install modules. Tick the imei changer and then tap on imei changer to launch it.

-Input your 15 digit imei and click on apply. Reboot your phone and thats all.. check your imei by dialling *#06# for comfirmation.

Then go back to message and send Nokia to 131

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