How To Get A Song’s Lyrics From Youtube Video

Good morning arewamobile blog visitors. Have you ever wished to know a method or a technique that allows you to see or to be reading songs lyrics as you watch their videos on youtube?. As we all know that youtube is an entertainment platform that lets someone watch listen to any song,films of his choice.But what it lacks is the section that includes lyrics for the songs.

To field that lacking gap, the usage of apps, add-ons or plugins is employed. This is very simple to archieve so far that the viable processes adhered to, without making mistakes, though you are not expected to make any.

On android devices

Yes! You don’t necessarily need a pc for this task unless you don’t have good vision of reading the flimsy text poping-on the screen of your small-screen phone or in a situation whereby you want to see every thing as clear as the sky then there will be a need to use the pc..


Head to playstore and download an application called Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

-For this application to work on your android device you need to give it permissions of knowing the type of music you want to play.

-Open the youtube app and start playing your favourite videos. The Musicmatch app will pop and display the lyrics alongside the song you are playing…

For PC users

All you have to do is to install any of the below add-ons on your browser:




Whenever you play a song, its lyrics are automatically loaded and displayed in a floating window in
the top right of the browser. There is also an option for manual search for song lyrics through this window.

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