Google Busted A New Android App Which Can Spy On Phone Calls, SMS & Internet History

The new spyware that was revealed by Google can even spy on you through your smartphone’s camera and microphone. Well, this might be the most dangerous smartphone malware ever made. Researchers from Google and Lookout have come across the spyware that can spy on the smartphone owners.

Android spy app

The spyware goes by the name of Christened Chrysaor and it had some link to Pegasus which is a program that targeted iPhone users in the year 2016. Pegasus was developed by an Israeli firm NSO group technologies.

Researchers from Google and Lookout have announced the spyware previous week, the app is not found on Google Play Store. However, it was detected on 36 devices, especially in Georgia, Mexico, Turkey, Kenya and some others.

Google said “To install Chrysaor, we believe an attacker coaxed specifically targeted individuals to download the malicious software onto their device, Once Chrysaor is installed, a remote operator is able to surveil the victim’s activities on the device and within the vicinity, leveraging microphone, camera, data collection, and logging and tracking application activities on communication apps such as phone and SMS.”

The spyware stayed hidden and also have a self-destruct mode Lookout mobile security researcher Michael Flossman said “If it feels like it’s going to be found, it removes itself,”

Source: Techviral

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