Google Map Adds Places Pronouncing Feature, Makes Travels Easier

Google Maps is a reliable way to navigate your way to local and far-flung destinations, though sometimes while travelling, knowing where you want to go isn’t enough. It can be difficult to communicate your needs when you don’t speak or read the local language.

Continuing its trend of travel-friendly updates , Google is integrating Translate features into Maps. The app will soon be able to understand and pronounce hopefully more accurately than it pronounces “boulevard” the local language.

The new features will activate automatically while traveling in an area that primarily speaks a language other than the language setting on your phone; Google gives the example of traveling in Japan while your phone is set to English.

After you click on a place of interest in the area, Maps will bring up the usual card displaying the place’s info. In addition to the usual info, a speaker icon will appear alongside the place’s name. Clicking on the speaker icon will give you a prompt to have your phone speak the place name and address aloud in the local language. The prompt will also provide a quick link to jump right into Google Translate to continue your conversation.

The Google Maps update rolls out to Android and iOS devices this month with initial support for 50 languages and additional languages in the works. Safe travels!

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