Hide Calls and messages from other People who may use your Android phone

Good afternoon arewamobilers. As we all know, our mobile devices are of utmost importance to us in such a way that we do so many things without number with it. A long the line, you might not be the only person utilizing that your device in that a friend of yours may collect it to may be make some calls or browse the net or any other thing he wishes. During that process he may end up of viewing your messages, last call history as such viewing some private informations.
protect calls and messages

If you wish to prevent anyone from viewing your secrets, here we came with a way to hide calls and text messages on your device, using a single application which you need to download from Play Store. Just follow the steps outlined below:

The application we are going to make use of is called Shady Contacts. The application is available to download and use for free on Android.

Step 1.
Visit Google Play store on your phone,download and install Shady Contacts on your Android device.

Step 2. Launch the application .

Step 3. Locate “Continue” on the first screen of the app and tap on it. You will then be taken to another screen where you can create a security pattern.

Step 4. On this screen you need to choose/draw a security pattern which will be used to alter settings in the app. It acts as a password to grant you access to change settings in the app. Draw the pattern, and tap on “Continue.”

Step 5. Re- draw the pattern for confirmation. and then tap on “Confirm.”

Step 6. i know that You have now landed on the “Call” tab in the app which shows the calls from the people who are in the hidden list on your device. Since the app has just been set up, you need to add a contact for it to hide the calls and text messages. To do that, tap on “Call” on the top and select “Contacts.”

Step 7. When you are in the “Contact” tab, tap on the “+” (plus) icon on the top to add a new contact to the hide list.

Step 8.Select the contact that you wish to add to the hidden list. You can select a contact either from call logs, contacts, or custom. When you have found a contact you wish to add, tap on it.

Step 9.
Tap on “Save” on the following screen to save the contact. The selected contact has been successfully added into the app, and any call or text messages from this contact will no longer appear in yourgeneral call and text messages page, instead, they will appear here inside the Shady Contacts app which you can access using the pattern lock that you have created at the onset of the process .

Hence forth, if you don’t want to share calls or some important text messages with anyone who borrows your device, so above methods are essential for you. Accessing such vital informations will be by only you.

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