How Stop Your Android Phone From Showing Insufficient Storage

[quote author=arewamobile post=31567872]Android error storage message is one of the major problems android users experience in these days. The worst part of it is when you deleted many applications from your phone thinking that all will be well.

First of all download System Cleanup: This application helps you sanitize your Android device, clear and clean your cache on your device. If your Android device is misbehaving in most cases, what you need is just a system clean up. You can download it from Google play store. All you need to do now is open the app and let it scan your Android device for your app’s stored cache. Once that is done, it clears the caches and delete all of the app’s caches from your android.

Now you need to download Gemini App Manager : Gemini app manager allows you move all the applications on your phone internal memory including all your games apps, and other applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Bbm to your SD card. Not only can you move your apps to SD card but also set your default storage memory to SD card. Once you are done moving, you can then reboot your device and you’ll no longer see the annoying insufficient storage error message pop up again. You can download it from Google play store. You will then have fixed Android “insufficient storage available” error message.

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