How To Change Your Instagram Username Simple Method

If you’re an avid user of Instagram (even just a little bit), you must have at one point in time tried to find out how to change your Instagram username.
Maybe the FunkyBaby2000 you use isn’t all that funky anymore, or you just want to have a more formal, natural username, it’s nice to know that Instagram allows you change your username.
It is a particularly good thing, especially when you consider that not all social media platform gives that opportunity.
Getting right into it, you would be shown how to change your Instagram Username in this post.
The very first thing you’d have to do, of course, is login to your Instagram account either on your iPhone or Android phone.
When in, tap on you avi (avatar icon, if you please) which is at the lower right corner.
There, you’d find the “ Edit Profile ” button under your bio. Tap on it and tap on the field for username; you can then change the username to whatever you please.
When you’re done, tap on Done. If you also want to change the Display name, tap on the Display name field, and change that as well.
You can also make those changes to your username on your computer (cool, right?)
Simply log in to your Instagram account on your PC browser, and locate your profile icon (at the right side of the page)
Tap on the “Edit Profile ” located just besides for your username, and change to your heart’s content.

Over time, you would like that your Instagram better represents you online.
Instagram has given the opportunity to make that happen, by availing you the privilege to change your username as many times as you want.

Funky? Professional? Chill? Or Neutral? Now, your Instagram username can reflect whatever you choose to be on Instagram, and you can change it anytime you feel like it.

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