How to Change your MTN Phone Number to Etisalat via Porting

Porting sim cards Do you know that you canchange your Sim card from
being a network you no longer like e.g mtn to another one, Airteland vice versa? This is a very interesting change. One that’ll save people a lot of troubles. So, now you can have a phone number on any network you want to. It’s called porting sims.

How to Change your mtn Sim number to Etisalat

This change has been possible since Mobile Number Portability (MNP)was launched in Nigeriain 2013. MNP enables a subscriber to move from his service provider (donor) to another(recipient) without losing the number he/she already uses (eg change from MTN to Etisalat without losing his/her
MTN number).

How To Port In To Etisalat from MTN
If you wish to port from MTN to Etisalat follow these steps Changing from MTN to Etisalat means you want to “port out” of MTN and “port in” to
Etisalat. The “porting” process is simple and after switching to Etisalat, you will still retain your MTN number.

To get started, Just follow through the steps below:
==> Visit any etisalat experience center

==> Present a valid form of ID& Fill out a port form

==> Send a text with ‘ PORT’ to 3232
==> Keep using your phone while wait to receive an SMS confirming your port request has gone through.
==> Change your SIM card to the new one you will receive (not to worry, your number is still the same)

Note: Switching your line to Etisalat will happen within 24hours and you can keep using your phone while you wait for the switch to go through.
The same process applies if changing from Etisalat to MTN or any other network.

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