Good evening arewamobilers, i know that many of you might have since been asking themselves questions on how to reduce file in bigger size to form which has lower storage consumption so as to make sharing that file easier for you. You know how Nigeria’s network is when it comes to sharing files on net. You may find a condition where the file you are uploading ceased to be uploaded due to some reasons, one of which is the quota limit by the server. With the aid of this software KGB Archiver, i can say that your problems are over. KGB Archiver is a free open source software that has the ability to compresses or reduce 1GB File to 10MB file. But for you to use this software, Windows OS and Linux are the prerequisite items. Compression ratio of this software is very high. Time due to high compression levels, to compress a file goes high as the file size and increases the compression ratio may vary depending on the file format.

Note:- If you Compress a File from a High Size to a lower Size and you Send to your Friend, Your Friends must have KGB Archiver Installed on the System so that he can be able to decompress the File, After the decompression process, it will revert back to its normal size.

System Requirements:

Due to high compression ratio of KGB Archiver, you must have a very good system hardware configuration.

¤ 256 MB RAM or above.
¤ 1.5 Ghz Processor.

This software can compress all file types from Bigger to Smaller Sizes with the exception of Video files.

Google search and Download the KGB Archiver for you to enjoy this post.

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