iMovie is an iPhone/iPad application that allows you create a movie-like clip, trailers, slideshow et cetera. Follow the steps outlined below to get started..

– Open the iMovie application and go to the videos available in your phone’s gallery, tap on “new Project” click the small ‘+’ button to get started.

-Select a theme from the menu that appears. Name your project in the top- right and, but you can choose no theme for now.

-Select the clip you want to custumized. You can add more clips by dragging the sides of the yellow box to select more of the clip. When you’re ready, click and drag the clip up into your project.

-Trimming When you’ve added a few clips you can trim start and end points. Hover your mouse over the clip and click the cog that appears, then select Clip Trimmer.

-Click the transitions square in the bottom-right a transition inorder to add a transition scroll over to preview. Once you’ve found a transition you want to use, click and drag it up into your project,placing it between the two clips you want to fade between.

-On the completion of the project, click Share in the menubar and choose a destination. iMovie contains a range of options, including Facebook, Vimeo, CNN iReport, YouTube etc.

That is all for iMovie app..

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