How to Create YouTube Playlists without having a gmail account

All YouTube videos have a unique video ID and you can create a concatenated list of these video IDs, separated by commas, to create a new YouTube playlist from the corresponding videos. For instance, here are 5 YouTube videos (video IDs are in red) that you would like to add to a playlist but one that is not associated with your YouTube channel:
1. www. youtube .com/watch?v= sjRTSkBHnyo
2. www. youtube .com/watch?v= fhU5y7huAY8
3. www. youtube .com/watch?v= 9T_EqwQnZY0
4. www. youtube .com/watch?v= FQKvro1Wz-E
5. www. youtube .com/watch?v= BXLYIw-IU8I
All you have to do is to take the video IDs and put them in the URL below: http://www. youtube .com/watch_videos?video_ids=ID1,ID2,ID3,ID4… So the new YouTube playlist will be located at: https://www. youtube .com/watch_videos?
video_ids=sjRTSkBHnyo,fhU5y7huAY8… This is like any other playlist on YouTube – anyone can share it, embed it or even copy the playlist to their own Google Account.

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