How to Deactivate, Cancel or disable MTN Caller Tune(new method)

mtn caller tune
Good evening our loyal visitors, i know that many of you are not comfortable by the way they are unnecessarily ordered for what the’ve not requested of MTN caller tune in which in return, a certain amount is deducted from your account. Someone recently asked me a question that ” deendabai, can you please help me with a code to send so that i unsubscribe fron mtn caller tune” i replied him with that he should send cancel to 4100. After a few moment, he told me that the method is no longer working, that made me to start thinking of another method which i found in the long run…

Just dial *123# and choose callertune which is option 6, choose manage tunez which is option 6 again, there you’ll find an option to cancel service which is option 4, press 1 to proceed .. That is all, you’ve successfully cancelled all the caller tunez services activated on your SIM.

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